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Home Computing Weekly

The German Master Level B
By Kosmos
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #92

This educational program would be suitable for students studying CSE or 'O' level German. The facilities provided in it allow the user to have a lesson or test at various levels of difficulty.

A lesson displays words or phrases in English and German on the screen, one after the other. You may specify which is to be displayed first and for how long. You may then step through the various items which have been set up.

A test will display a word or phrase in one language and you must translate it into the other. If you make a wrong key press then the computer will beep. Help may be obtained by pressing a cursor key to reveal the next character.

You may set up your own lessons and add and delete entries at your discretion. When you receive the program there are already sixteen pre-recorded lessons which cover colours, pastimes, tools, countries, medical, verb infinitives, adverbs, adjectives, conjunctions and prepositions, phrases, verbs in various tenses.

The program seems to do the job that it was designed for quite well although it is quite expensive.