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Home Computing Weekly

The Generators
By Quicksilva
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #36

This cassette actually contains two programs for the price of one.

The first enables you to define graphics characters using the VDU 23 statement. The instruction leaflet is professional and comprehensive, and the program is easy to use. Once defined, the characters can be saved and merged into your own program.

The second enables you to design teletext screens (mode 7), save them, and merge them into your own program. The instructions are again comprehensive but arc included in the program only. though they can be referenced at any time without losing the current design - a nice touch.

Ten screens can be saved in memory, according to the instructions, but I could not discover how to save more than one.

Additionally, the BREAK key did not function as described and necessitated a complete reload, losing any screen design in progress.

Both programs loaded faultlessly, though the cassette labels had been put on the wrong sides! Incidentally, there is no warning on the printed leaflet that the 1.0 operating system is required.