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The Flintstones
By Grandslam
Commodore 64/128

Published in Computer & Video Games #51

The Flintstones

Yabba Dabba Doo! It's good old Fred Flintsone and he's dabbling in a bit of stone-age construction work.

In Quicksilva's adaptation of the famous cartoon series - programmed by the Taskset people - Fred is starting out life in Bedrock. Fred's needs are simple. He wants a house and a wife. So he sets about building a house and finding Wilma. Building a house isn't as easy as it sounds. There are rock-dropping prehistoric birds, wild tortoises, dinosaurs and Fred's pet Dino who keeps getting underfoot. All of these can hinder Fred's efforts.

First he has to clear a space for his new home. Picking up the rocks and taking them to a tip for points. Then he must use more rocks, round ones this time, to begin building his home. Once he's got the first level constructed, Fred finds he needs a bit of assistance - in the shape of a dinosaur.

Fortunately for Fred, Bedrock is growing around him, and one of the first new buildings in the city is a Dino-Hire centre. But to hire Dino, Fred needs cash so he has to go and pick up some cash at the rock quarry.

Once he's forked out for a Dino, he can use it as a stepladder to get the rest of his house finished. Then he has to persuade Wilma to come home with him so they can set up home together.

Once he manages to do that, his life can begin in earnest... The game isn't as easy as it sounds. You'll need to make a map as you move from location to location otherwise you're in danger of getting lost in Bedrock. Other buildings are being constructed as Fred works away - these help you to work out just where you are.

The buildings include a service station, a health club, and even a drive-in cinema! Wilma hangs around the health club and the burger bar - so if Fred needs a bit of added encouragement, he must find her.

Finding Wilma increases one of two energy levels shown at the top of the screen - and makes his heart beat faster, shown in another window at the top of the screen. Don't let Fred lose heart - or he'll give up the building trade.

The graphics are excellent - recapturing the atmosphere and humour of "The Flintstones" cartoon series perfectly. Fred looks as if he's walked directly off the cartoon "set" and into the computer game.

He walks and moves just like his cartoon counterpart - and there's a nice routine when he falls over a dinosaur or mad tortoise. He sits on the ground and shakes his head trying to make the stars in front of his eyes disappear.

The background graphics are excellent - and the sound, especially The Flintstones' theme tune, is great.

Gameplay is challenging. It'll take you quite some time to master building the house and avoiding the hazards. But it is difficult to work out just where you are in the city until a few landmarks start appearing - a pen and paper beside your C64 will be helpful.