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Home Computing Weekly

The Exterminator
By Algray
Colour Genie

Published in Home Computing Weekly #10

Oh dear, what is this? Based on a fairly weak idea, Exterminator is one of those 'zap-zap' games, apparently written by someone with little imagination in about 10 minutes.

The game is split into two phases. In the first hase, your spaceship whizzes about the screen at breakneck speed, as you vainly try to zap little flapping aliens. This in itself is fairly impossible task as the aliens have guided missiles on their side which fly at you leaving you little chance to get out of the way.

The second phase, however, is a slight improvement. Your craft is now in a safe area at the top of the scren where the alien eggs can be destroyed. Your ship must fly out of this safe area, dodge the mines and guardians, and return to the safe area to destroy the eggs.

The controls are very difficult to master and the ship really goes too fast to be controlled successfully. In order to fire, the space bar must be pressed together with the appropriate direction key, which is very difficult indeed. This makes the game awkward to play, and it will soon lose its appeal, if you feel it ever had any.

Really a bit of a disappointment when compared to some of Algray's other offerings. The game is vastly overpriced and is the sort of game that one might like to tap in from a listing in a magazine on a wet winter's night.