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The Eidolon
By Activision
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #15

The Eidolon

(Humming to the tune of the Third Man) . .Eidolee dolon dolon, eidolee dolon dolon... oh, please yourself.

The nice thing about Lucasfilm Games, like Rescue On Fractalus, Ballblazer and this new Eidolon thingy, is that the games designers actually try to get a little bit of a storyline into them. The documentation that comes with them usually contains a well written and imaginative scenario that sets the scene and tells you how things work.

In the cellar of a house, once the laboratory home of the eccentric Prof Josef Agon, you discover a fantastic machine, covered in dust. Upon reading the Prof's diaries, it turns out that the machine is a vehicle which can propel you to another dimension... Cor!

The forces of magic churn through the rickety frame of the old banger, allowing you to capture and shoot balls of magic. You must collect balls of various colours, and gems too, until you can beat the guardian dragons at the boundaries of each level.

The graphics on this game are nothing less than superb. Fractals are employed to create a realistic cave network, which can move in 3D and in real time! The animals and creatures in the caves are dangerous and require different techniques and combinations of balls to destroy them.

Unlike many games that're pretty but have no real gameplay Eidolon is a taxing and fast playing game, with a lot of strategy and some very nice effects.

Phil South

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