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The Devil Rides In
By Carnell
Spectrum 16K

Published in Crash #4

The Devil Rides In

You are a wizard in battle with the legions of hell. Your defence consists of a magic circle, which you cannot leave, and a talisman to destroy the hellish army. In the first screen your magic circle is surrounded by several ghosts which float lazily around, firing on the occasional green fire ball at you. Your 'talisman' acts like a laser to destroy the ghosts. The fireballs weaken your strength if they hit you, three being fatal. Running into the edge of your magic circle does the same thing.

In the second screen, the scale has been reduced, and small spiders have built a web around your circle to protect the big spiders firing at you from being harmed by your rays. The object is burn away the web so you can fire through again. The third screen has little devils scurrying around the circle, not very dangerous until hit by the rays from your talisman. In screens 4 and 5 the Angel of ' Death himself appears, and screen 5 brings forth the winged demons and skeletons which steal bits from your circle. The demons require two direct hits before being destroyed.

Between games a 12 hour clock face appears and counts down the final few seconds before the game commences.


The Devil Rides In

Control keys: cursor keys with 9 for diagonal rotation and 0 to fire, or a rather daft arrangement of Al left/right and X/M up/down with SPACE to fire
Joystick: AGF and Protek
Keyboard play: responsive but slow action
Use of colour: fair
Graphics: very smooth but slow
Sound: poor
Skill: levels: 4
Lives: 3
Screens: 6

Comment 1

'The cassette box and general presentation is very good, and leads you to expect a pretty good game. The actuality on screen is a bit different. Although the pixel movement graphics are to be commended I for their smoothness, the actual graphics are boring, small and very, very slow.'

Comment 2

'I've never seen a game quite like this one before, and I hope I never will again. It's an original enough idea, but its main let down is the sluggish response of the keys. The hellish army moves about well, but colour and sound could have been better. Not a game I could recommend because of its lack of content.'

Comment 3

'In some vague respects this resembles one of those older 'Berserk' type games. Machine code and graphics have come quite a way, but I don't think the ideas behind this one have moved much at all. Small characters and slow movement don't improve it. Only the winged demons held me in any thrall, and it's a long wait to see them.'

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