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Home Computing Weekly

The Detective
By Arcade
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #31

The presentation of this game is a trifle misleading. It seemed to suggest a sort of real-time adventure, but the first stage looked more like a variant on Space Invaders.

At the bottom of the screen stands a little man, while coloured shapes rain down on him diagonally. He must avoid contact with these, and can shoot some - but not all - of them down.

He can also walk, briskly and realistically, to right or left. This is very well done, though there are times when you wish he could walk a little faster...

The first impression is that there should be no difficulty in avoiding the threats from above, but it is harder than it looks, especially when a little dog appears to snap at the man's heels. If the dog catches up, all points disappear, so some priority must be given to escaping from him. Fortunately, when the man trots off the side of the screen and reappears on the far side, the dog is missing.

It appears that there are 25 levels to the game, but it was not possible to check that.

The graphics detail was exceptionally good, a lesson to some of the more casual programmers, but even that was not enough to make up for the disappointment after the hopes raised by the presentation.