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The Custard Kid
By New Generation
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Spectrum #21

The Custard Kid

Rick: Well scroll on, New Generation's Custard Kid is the one to play with your spotted dick - if you see what I mean. The Custard Kid is a variation on the old favourite Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, but this time Our Kid, who shows no yellow streak and is certainly not one for the Birds, has to search a custard factory to find 12 recipes. Funny I only know one way to make the stuff - open can, pour into saucepan...

With over 600 locations it wouldn't just be Laurel and Hardy who'd enjoy the custard pie potential of this game, which incidentally has a 'find an object and save it for a rainy day' facility. If you wanna be a successful cordon bleu of blancmange you'll have to do the mapping yourself!

You're in a bit of a sticky situation 'cos you gotta search the scrolling yellow corridors before you go for the chests with coloured keys. These keys are used to open certain rooms, one of which may contain the custard detector. You'll also have to fill up with milky victuals to keep the stamina up. Only then can you pass to the green corridor to look for those illustrious recipes.

But you'll need a lotta bottle to search those chests - they might contain the yellow peril - the feared custard monsters or even worse the custodians of the custard who'll send you to jail. Along the way a few useful items can turn up - money to bribe the guards, spoons to devour the custard monster, whose help might mean a grapple with a globule isn't Kid Custard's last stand.

Non-sexist, non-racist and very very violent (and extremely messy) this is one for jelly and ice cream and good games freaks everywhere. 9/10

Rick Robson