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The Complete Guide To Medicine
By Eastmead Computer Systems
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #52

This is not what the title claims it to be, but a long illustrated lesson in anatomy, a sort of workshop manual of the human body covering the skeleton, digestion, blood system, reproduction and so on. There is an enormous amount of information, structured in many independent loaded sections. This, of course, takes time - lots of it! Implementation on Microdrives would improve this markedly.

Remembering my biology lesson, the text appears accurate; it should be, it was written by a doctor. So if you are prepared to plough through it, you could learn a lot.

The graphics, however, are something else! Although the screen presentation is good, apart from some unwise colours for lettering, graphics are poor. Even the humble Spectrum gives a good programmer the opportunity to realistically show muscles contracting, blood moving.

Having been critical, it's fair to say a book with this amount of info would cost a lot, and the program might prove useful for teaching people a little more about their bodies. But a *complete guide to medicine*? No!


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