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The Complete BBC
By Audiogenic
BBC Model B

Published in The Micro User 4.06

Best of BBC banquet

The Complete BBC is a compilation of seven games in one package, a veritable feast of arcade action.

Game one is The Genesis Project, a space game in which you look from the cockpit of your spaceship and zap colourful aliens which whizz past. The game is quite difficult to master, but is well worth the effort in the end.

Flip requires the player to match pairs of cartoons which are hidden behind a 4 x 10 grid. As each pair is completed the squares reveal parts of a mystery word. The aim is to reveal the word in the least number of attempts.

Chrysalis is a Pac Man-style offering in which you play a caterpillar defending your cabbage patch against the dreaded mutant worms.

Drain Mania is ladders and levels down in the sewers. Collect the lost coins for bonus points and kill the monsters with a well timed head butt. Fast, colourful, and fun.

Space Agent Zelda is a very classy ladders and levels game, the aim of which is to penetrate through the 10 levels of a spaceship and destroy the generator.

The sequel to this program, Bug Eyes 2, is also included in the package. I recently reviewed this as a full price program and was very impressed.

Bug Eyes 2 is also of the ladders and levels genre, but everything is drawn on a massive scale.

The final offering is International Megasports, which occupies one complete side of a cassette. The game consists of the 100 metres sprint, skeet shooting, long horse, archery, hurdles, high jump and long jump.

You have to qualify in each event before you are allowed to load the next one from tape.

This collection is not a way of selling off second rate games to an unsuspecting public. Several have already been good sellers at their full price, thus making the package even more attractive.

Carol Barrow

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