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The Comet Game
By Firebird
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #56

The Comet Game

There seems to be an unhealthy obsession with germs developing at Firebird. First there was Gerry The Germ Goes Body Poppin' and now germ bags in space. Add Halley's Comet and what do you get? Yes, it's The Comet Game, Firebird's latest in the hot range, and an almost topical game (well, Halley's Comet has now disappeared from the Northern Hemisphere).

The bad news is that toxic germs, lethal to all life on earth, has been identified on the comet, and with huge lumps of ice travelling towards earth at 200,000 kilometres an hour, that spells bad news.

Your mission is to get to the comet, fly low and fast over its surface and blast the deadly germ bags into oblivion. The pilot of the space craft sent out to intercept the comet is in suspended animation for the duration of the flight. You, therefore, play the part of the ship's computer, which must look after the pilot, cope with various emergencies which crop up - such as the Interplanetary Safeguard System which can be activated causing other planets to launch missiles at you.

If you make a rendezvous with the comet, the ship is placed in a low orbit and it's time for a spot of zapping at the germ bags.

Included in the flight to the comet is the intriguing coffee game. The pilot's well-being level must be kept as high as possible by drinking coffee.

This part of the game involved the unlikely command P. It does what you think it does. I didn't, and the pilot's bladder burst. It's an awful way to go.

There's nothing particularly wrong with The Comet Game, but then again, there's nothing to get really excited about.