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Home Computing Weekly

The Chess Game
By Microclassic
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #117

If Lewis Carroll had written a computer program then this would be it. All you have to do is move your pawn, a little boy in a nightshirt, from square to square across the board. Sounds easy, but just try it. The chess pieces, board and crowd are all against you as you try to cross to safety in this nightmare of a game.

The first screen reveals the stadium with a vicious looking crowd who jeer as you enter. Soon your first opponent, the knight, arrives and battle commences. As you move from square to square their colour changes and the knight pursues following the eccentric path of its more normal existence. If it lands on the path you leave, the colour changes again and that square must be avoided for the rest of the game.

The crossing must be attempted five times in each direction. Total success means bonus points, failure is not always a catastrophe because the pawns who did make it go onto the next round. Even if only one pawn makes the grade, completion of a crossing at the next level brings a bonus.

As you progress you meet the bishop, the rook, the king and the queen in excellent graphic action. I won't spoil the fun by giving away the secrets except to say look out for the board, it can turn very nasty and the crowd throw bombs.

I strongly recommend this game whether you understand chess or not. Just add quick thinking and fast reactions to get a recipe for excitement.