Home Computing Weekly

The Castles Of Doctor Creep

Author: J.G.
Publisher: Broderbund
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #130

Doctor Creep has 13 castles and they provide an intellectual touch to the normal ladders and platform games which litter the software market at the moment.

Each castle is a puzzle which has to be solved before you can reach the exit. Most of the rooms can be opened by pressing the doorbell outside but some arc locked and the key must be recovered. To do this you must brave the perils of lightning machines, force fields, trapdoors, moving walkways, and ray guns. Mummies and Frankenstein monsters lie in their tombs waiting to be awakened into terrifying life.

All of these hazards have to be controlled or contained in some way so that a pathway is created to reach the keys and find the exit. To solve each castle you must explore every room because although the solution lies in a particular room, it can only be achieved by retur,ning to various platforms from other rooms.

If the two players option is selected they must work in conjunction with each other unless they want to enjoy chaos. A partly completed game can be saved to tape.

The only qualm that I have about this game is what to do with it when the castles have been explored, perhaps some sort of game generator would have given it a more lasting appeal.


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