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The Bug Byte Compilation
By Bug Byte
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 4.10

The Bug Byte Compilation

Nothing new here from Bug-Byte except a welcome step by them into the new and confused world of budget disc-pricing policies! After last month's Dunjunz on disc, they've put together a selection of back catalogue material all originally selling for £1.99 on tape - save 1p and buy them on disc!

However, the collection is not strong as we've seen from earlier individual reviews. Both Tennis and Skyhawk from Margaret Stanger are poor even for budget games (Note: anyone who thinks this column is ever biased should recall that Margaret is an A&B contributor whose articles are excellent, but whose games are, er, not), Star Force Seven is an entirely predictable space strategy game but, thankfully, Plan B is excellent.

The game by Andrew Foord involves the search of a computer complex for ten keys allowing you to escape whilst destroying just about everything you see - lots of excellent large graphics and screen designs with puzzles and action enough to keep you thinking continually. If you're a fan of Peter Scott arcade adventures then you'll love this.

The package as a whole is weak, I'm afraid, but worth the price for the pleasure of getting Plan B on disc - for once a budget game that is considerably better than many full price offerings.

Dave Reeder

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