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The Bounty Hunter
By Codemasters
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #55

The Bounty Hunter

Blimey! A game from Codemasters which doesn't involve simulations or stupid little egg-type thingies (as in the squillions of Dizzy games). Nope, this one's some sort of shoot-'em-up jobby type thing instead, and a vaguely good one at that. Check this out - it's two shoot-'em-ups in one! Value or what?

Basically, we're looking at your typical Ikari Warriors/Commando affair. Y'know walk about, blast a few innocent-looking people, walk about some more and shoot even more people. Sounds familiar, eh? This time your blasting cowboys and indians to oblivion, whilst searching for four different Wild West fugitives (which more or less means you play the game four times to complete it). There may not be as many features to pick up as you can in other games of this sort, but it's still fairly good - everything's well visible and it's pretty darn playable too.

Once you've scrolled on through this bit it's onto even more mindless violence - shoot all the baddies on a moving train as they pop their heads up over boxes and barrels and things. Nope, Oppo Wolf it ain't, but what d'you expect for a measly three quid?

The Bounty Hunter is cheap, cheerful and takes very little brains to play - which is a bit of a boon actually cos mine keeps on getting blown away.

Rich Pelley

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