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Amstrad Action

The Bells
By Blaby Computer Games
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #5

The Bells

As if poor old Quasimodo hadn't suffered enough in computer games he's been resurrected yet again to try to rescue his girlfriend from across fifteen screens of battlement action. There are already two version of the game on the Amstrad. This third one doesn't measure up :o the others even though it's cheaper.

Each of the 15 screens represents a section of battlement which Quasi has to make his way along from left to right to reach a bell at the other side which takes him to the next screen. There are a number of obstacles that face him on each screen which have to be umped over. There is also a time limit on each screen in which you have to get to the other side.

The obstacles that face him include barrels and arrows that fly across the screen towards him and, if hit by them Quasi bites the dust with the words "arghhh" popping onto the screen. There can also be gaps in the floor which have to be jumped over, otherwise you plummet downwards, again to the complement of an on-screen "ahhhhhhhhh". Large gaps over flaming pits have to be traversed by grabbing a swinging rope over it and leaping off at the other side.

The Bells

Another difficult problem is the guards who stand in some of the smaller gaps and from time to time thrust a spear up into the air. This combination of events is the major problem so that other difficulties might be gaps with moving objects or guards and moving objects.

The big problem with the game is the control of Quasi, which is difficult to say the least. It is tough to calculate when to jump and the response to the fire button is often very sluggish. The graphics also leave a lot to be desired and I've heard less irritating sound effects in my time.

Second Opinion

There's little to say about a game as fire as this except the comment Quasimodo himself utters when falling from the battlements: "Aaaaaaaargh!"

Good News

P. It's cheaper than other Hunchback games.

Bad News

N. Very unoriginal.
N. Difficult control and timing.
N. Crude graphics.
N. Two better games have been on the market for some time.

Bob Wade

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