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ZX Computing

That's The Spirit
By The Edge
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #22

That's The Spirit

Hello, I thought, a clone of Ghostbusters? But no, although the theme of ghostly beings is the same, in reality there is really no similarity. The game comes complete with The Edge's usual type of unhelpful and mildly humorous instructions on the reverse of which is an overlay for the old type Spectrums which shows which keys perform which operations.

There are 28 actions which you can perform and most of these are fairly clear. Take, Drop, Enter, etc, but how and when to use them are left for you to discover. It is with games like these that I wish the company would send us poor reviewers a hint sheet. I tried and I tried, but no matter what I did I only succeeded in being driven insane - the game's end condition - in a few moves.

The screen is a well presented, two-dimensional representation of New York, and your character moves around meeting with various problems and objects of which the greatest are the ghosts. Not state of the art graphics but very good nonetheless. Animation is smooth although a little on the slow side, and there are some nice touches of humour (try the 'swear' key).

This is a game for the cerebral arcade player and as such is quite difficult. Personally I found it a trifle too difficult to get into and so do not feel particularly inspired to play it again.