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Test Match
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #1

Test Match

The cricket season may be just ending but you can keep playing with this game, although it appeals more to the statistician than the action player. You can play limited over or test match cricket with two players but both options are basically the same.

Having selected your game, you can name your own side or use the computer's but each team can have a maximum of six bowlers. Once play begins, you are shown a view of the ground with stick men representing the batsmen and fielders. The bowling is done automatically, as is the batting, and the result is worked out by a formula depending on the current situation.

If the ball is hit, you decide whether to run or not and the risk of run outs can be high. Batsmen can be out in all the usual ways and the rules for one day cricket (four versions) and test cricket (450 overs) are obeyed.

You decide who will bowl and who will come in to bat and your choice must consider skill, fatigue and the match position.

Good News

P. Reasonable games of cricket can be played.
P. There are several types of game available.

Bad News

N. There is little action - just decisions as to whether to run or not.
N. The graphics are disappointing.
N. Not much interest if you don't like cricket.