Terror-Daktil (Melbourne House) Review | ZX Computing - Everygamegoing

ZX Computing

By Melbourne House
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #10


Melbourne House have a string of excellent titles to their name, The Hobbit probably being the most well known. Just from the cover this looks as if it could be a winner.

On loading, a stunning intro screen is displayed - an outline version of the cover, in fact. Once the whole game has loaded, the screen just stands still, and gives no indication that it has successfully loaded. By pressing a key the next display is shown with the top scores in the middle. By pressing another key the game begins. If left for thirty seconds, it will enter a limited demo routine.

Now the introductory program begins. Because it is relatively long and merely an intro, it can be missed by pressing the appropriate key. During this routine the display becomes the window of an aeroplane flying through the clouds. Then, as trouble starts, it is possible to see the volcanoes over which you are flying. Finally, after attempts at landing have failed, your plane crashes. Next day you awake to see Terror Daktils flying in the distance.

There are three cannons in a nearby valley. You drag a cannon over and prepare for the onslaught. In the distance, the Terror Daktils look like space invaders moving from left to right and back again in a jerky manner. As they individually fly at you, they may be destroyed by a direct hit from the cannon - far more easily said than done. If you survive the first wave of 'Daktils, then night falls and day breaks for the next day. If you survive six days a rescue plane will arrive. The Daktils have an affinity for landing on you, hence stunning you till the next day and damaging the cannon beyond repair.

The graphics are qute superb, though jerky at times. The sound is good, though rather overdone at times. Terror-Daktil is a fast, highly addictive and a difficult game to master. The quality of the program itself is up to the best around for the Spectrum. It may be thought of as too hard, hence not recommended for most young children.

Melbourne House have succeeded in continuing their tradition with another excellent game.

James Walsh