Home Computing Weekly

Tea Time

Author: C.G.
Publisher: Pocket Money
Machine: Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #120

After a few hours of playing this little gem, I decided upon the phrase, "excellent game, naff title" as a summary.

The game is really three separate games, but very well linked together. You control a teapot and in the first game must collect drops of tea as they fall from the sky. The sponge that moves across the screen mops up as many drops as it can and will also empty your pot if you get close enough to it. You complete the game when you have collected 30 drops.

The second game has you dodging the sugar cubes (!) as they race down the screen a la "meteoroid dodge" and a whole generation of similar games. Playing this for a set time successfully, takes you onto the final stage the larder where using lifts and platforms you must collect all the tea that is on the larder shelves and finally reach your goal, the tea cosy.

The program is a collection of tried and tested games but its addictiveness comes from the exc.ellent design. Once you have finished these three screens, you go back to the first one but have the additional hazard of a hammer marching across the screen (someone saw Pink Floyd's The Wall) which will smash your pot if it connects.

Apart from the game's progressive difficulty, the other strong. pOI.nt that sticks out in my mind IS the graphics. They may not be Ultimate standard but they are good by Dragon standards and the degree of surrealism which first found computerised expression in Maruc Miner and its clones is wonderful. Add to this bonus scores, an excellent title page and a high score and well - why are you still reading - go out and buy it.


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