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Sinclair User

By Tasman
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #12



THE FIRST word processor to be produced for use with the 48K Spectrum is from Tasman Software and called Tasword. It includes most of the facilities available on larger machines, such as automatic word wrapping, left and right justification, insertion and deletion of lines and words, and cursor-controlled editing.

Text files can contain up to 900 lines and each text file can be saved independently of the program. It is also possible to merge text files if sufficient room exists within the program. The program has an example text file saved after it on the tape. That allows the user to pracise with the control key before typing-in a new text file.

The user manual has been set using the justified print of the ZX printer and is very easy to read and understand. Unfortunately that only shows the inadequacy of the Sinclair printer and the word processor package needs a dot matrix printer to demonstrate its true value.

Ta sword is to be upgraded when the Microdrive and RS232 interface arrive and that will be offered to existing owners of Tasword at a reduced price.

The package is worth the money and with the additional software to follow will prove useful to anyone with reports or letters to write. Tasword costs £7.95 and is available from Tasman Software, 17 Hartley Crescent, Leeds LS6 2LL.

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