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Home Computing Weekly

By Tasman
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #57

Although this may appear to be expensive, believe me it isn't when you consider what you get. If you really want to use your Spectrum, as opposed to merely playing, this is for you.

Using Tasword, your Spectrum suddenly acquires 64 characters per line, and becomes a typewriter, with the screen as the paper. You can then type, edit and delete words to your heart's content. The text is automatically filled out with spaces to produce a neat block appearance. If you want to add words, the paragraph is re-shaped with one keypress.

Particularly useful is the facility to move a whole block of text from one place to another and to search for a word and, for example, replace it correctly spelled, again with one press of a key.

When complete, your text can be saved to tape or Microdrive, and if you wish, printed out on either a ZX Printer, or any of a number of "proper" printers with the correct interface.

Tasword comes complete with a full printed manual, and is without doubt, the best utility I have reviewed for the Spectrum.


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