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Task Force/Demolish/Cosmos
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #39

Task Force/Demolish/Cosmos

RH's three-in-one cassette gives three fairly standard games.

Task Force is a tactical air/sea battle played on a coloured map. Two players take turns to move a fleet of six ships round the coastline of an island.

Ships, guns and aircraft may be used to destroy enemy vessels, with all controls prompted for on-screen.

Full instructions are given in a well-written program which nonetheless suffers from slowness and average graphics, and might prove slightly boring after a few hours playing.

The second game, Demolish, is a cross-breed of Invaders and Breakout, where you must destroy crumbling walls with your laser baser. This game uses 'block' graphics.

The last game, Cosmos, is a rather weird version of Space Invaders, with huge jerky aliens and a slow-firing base.

All the games in this package suffer from the lack of originality inherent in many software releases, but do offer three games for the price of one. Perhaps new BBC owners might enjoy them.


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