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Target Renegade
By The Hit Squad
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Crash #84

Target: Renegade

Fight your way through five tough scenes of beat-'em-up action to meet Mr. Big and give him a right good whacking. Target: Renegade is the second of the three Renegade games and provides some great action-packed punch-'em-ups.

The game is set in the city of Scumsville and each scene will bring different types of villains for you to deal with. You can attempt to battle through the game on your own, or alternatively get a friend along for the ride. Two players can play simultaneously, each protecting the other. This way you stand a much better chance of surviving.

The baddies can pop up from anywhere. Some hide in doorways and others attempt to run you down on their motorbikes. They would be quite easy to kill with a well-placed punch or kick if it weren't for the deadly weapons some carry. Mallets, axes and metal bars are just a few of the gruesome objects they use. Fortunately, these weapons can be of use to you too... Just punch the bod with the weapon and you can steal it from him.

Graphics are well-drawn, sprites are animated well and backgrounds have their fair share of colour. The levels get better as you progress, starting in the multi-storey car park and going through the shopping mall to the bar where you can battle with Mr. Big around a snooker table. I really enjoyed it when it was first released and it's got me hooked again. Target: Renegade is excellent, non-stop beat-'em-up action all the way.