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The Micro User

By U. S. Gold
BBC Model B

Published in The Micro User 4.04

Fun with lots of fizz

"Bartender, gimmie another beer!" was the phrase which came to mind as I loaded up Tapper.

Here is an arcade game which is based around an old wild west custom, namely that of propelling the customer's drink the full length of the bar and hoping he catches it.

As Tapper is a family game the big, butch cowboys have agreed to drink soda pop.


The saloon has four separate bars and one barman. You must move him between the bars and dispense soda to the thirsty customers.

Any customers who do not have a drink will walk towards your end of the bar. Should they reach the end you lose a life.

The game begins at a relaxed pace with only one customer per bar and they can be served quite quickly. Having satisfied every customer you progress to a more hectic session where you have customers coming at you in twos and threes.


They slide their empty glasses back along the bar and if a glass falls off the end it will break and you lose another life. It's no wonder they're short staffed when breaking a glass incurs the death sentence.

Having successfully completed the two wild west scenes you are allowed to play the bonus game. In front of you is a bar on which are placed six cans of soda pop.

A mischievous critter known as the soda bandit repeatedly jumps up from behind the bar and shakes one of the cans.


When five of the six cans have been shaken they all begin to change places on the bar.

If you can find the can which was not shaken you are awarded bonus points. If not you receive a face full of soda.

The game increases in difficulty as a growing number of customers enter the saloon.

Tapper is the most enjoyable game I have played on the BBC Micro in ages. It is overflowing with good graphics, humour and plenty of fizz.

Carol Barrow

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