Tantalus (Quicksilva) Review | ZX Computing - Everygamegoing

ZX Computing

By Quicksilva
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #28


I have a dislike for the use of the word 'movie to hype up an arcade game to a level which it doesn't merit. The sleeve notes for Tantalus makes such an elevated claim but it's no amazing new concept, in fact it's a fairly ordinary 2D maze adventure.

The mutants are on the rampage and there is only one enemy humanoid left. He is entrenched on the planet Tantalus with 32 booby-trapped doors between himself and the attacking Spike Punkoids. Four of these mutants have been given the task of attacking and overrunning the humanoids hideaway.

Hidden inside the labyrinthine stronghold are the switches which operate the doors to the inner sanctum. These lock activators are guarded by the usual range of flying, pulsating and descending nasties.

The Punkoid's can choose from six weapons. Five have distinctive firing patterns and the sixth makes the Punkoid vessel (the Protonthrust 3000) disappear for a few moments.

The graphics deserve special mention. They are extremely colourful and well designed. The variety and detail in each screen makes this game more of a feast for the eyes than fodder for the brain. Apart from looks, it is a very average maze game.