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Tank Commander
By Creative Sparks
Commodore Vic 20

Published in Personal Computer Games #9

Tank Commander

When the program has loaded and the little tank has displayed the title and copyright you are faced with a comprehensive menu of game options, with features such as a one or two player game, joystick or keyboard control and an interlaced function (which neutralises screen flicker).

In Tank Commander, your objective is to seek out and destroy the enemy's fuel and ammo dumps. With your single tank and limited shells, you'll have to face the force of the computer's mini army of tanks and aircraft.

Your tank always starts at the extreme west of the battlefield and your targets are in the east. To get there you must cross two rivers and avoid the mines which, if hit, cause instant death.

There is a long road that winds its way between the trees, marsh and ridges towards the east. On this road are the two bridges which must be used to cross the rivers; needless to say, enemy tanks will be waiting for you!

The road proves to be the fastest route to go by (watch those fantastic scrolling graphics!) but it also leaves you very open to attack, both from the waiting tanks and the difficult-to-out manoeuvre aircraft.

If you manage to destroy the two dumps, you will be given another, more difficult, mission to complete. (Just watch those enemy tanks move on mission three!)

Screen scrolling is wonderful, graphics are excellent as is the responsiveness of the controls; however I felt the sound could have been improved.

Apart from that little niggle, Tank Commander rates as one of the best games ever written for the Vic.


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