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Home Computing Weekly

Tank Atak
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #91

This is another of those 'you won't talk to me so I gotta kill you' anti-alien games. Stranded on an alien planet you are under attack from a variety of alien vessels.

It is never quite clear why all aliens are so aggressive, but either way it gives you a chance to shoot them down and maybe get something out of your system.

From time to time you must refuel, and the docking procedure requires some skill as it demands pixel accuracy. Reading between the lines a suspicious mind might think that poor sprite control has been turned into a feature.

Bombs have proximity fuses and explode when near the alien or you, and could also fail. The documentation is sparse but adequate as there is little to this game. The graphics and use of sound are good.

It is unlikely that the game will have much appeal to any but the most hardened alien-zapper, and although the aliens are fast you are not, which tends to make the fight a little too one-sided for satisfaction. This needs Extended Basic and joysticks.


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