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Tachyon Command
By Century
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #35

Tachyon Command

In the fabulous super-fast Tachyon Command you are invited to kill wave upon wave of aliens. Two waves in fact. The first lot are Galaxian-type invaders which drop bombs. The second lurk in a tunnel and come at you one at a time. If you beat the tunnel aliens you get the first lot again.

No, wait. There are original points to Tachyon Command. In the first place, you get six ships. So what? you ask. But in fabulous super-fast etc etc you can have them ALL AT ONCE! The six ships sit in a pyramid formation at the bottom of the screen all firing away. If you do not hit something you must be pretty dumb.

The fabulous super-fast ships look like little white triangles. The romance of being a collection of little white triangles lost in a distant galaxy was clearly a strong selling-point for Century Software.

Fabulous etc Software should have stuck to selling superpriced books about programming. At least the public would have been spared the sorry saga of the super-fast eternal triangles.

Chris Bourne

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