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Tachyon Command
By Century
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #97

It seems that you are in the year 2534, in command of a squadron of six ships equipped with the Tachyon warp drive. That is more or less a direct quote from the inlay card.

Although the warp drive was discovered two centuries ago, it looks as though someone has forgotten to use it. The six 'ships' that I had on the screen didn't go anywhere, they only turned, in unison, to the left or to the right. Alright, they turned smoothly and quickly, but what has this to do with warp drives?

In other games, when I have used this facility, at least you get a simulation of a very fast movement to another place in the galaxy. That is the sort of thing that we have been left to believe represents the fictional warp drive.

The claim on the inlay card is that this game was written by "one of Britain's most acclaimed software writers". Acclaimed by whom?