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Home Computing Weekly

Table Adventures
By Dragon Data
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #76

This program is likely to answer many a parent's prayers, for it tries to combine the interest of playing computer games with the job of learning tables. If it was simply a table tutor then I wouldn't recommend it, but far from being a simple drill program this suite of four programs actually involves using the tables children should have learned.

The first program is the most heavily drill-based and requires deciding how many fives there are in 35, for example. The game involves the search for gold at the end of the rainbow, hence its title Rainbow's End.

Shooting the Rapids involves factors. You must choose a factor for each of the numbered rocks your canoe hits. Underground Escape also involves factors but here they must be common to two out of the three numbers. The final factor game is Number Families in which all the factors of a number are deleted when chosen. The aim is to be left with the smallest result possible. All the programs are graphically good and educationally very sound. I would recommend this to any parent or teacher wanting to provide interesting table extension work.