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Your Sinclair

By Mastertronic Plus
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Your Sinclair #59


Imagine a totally fabby game which is full of colour, massive spaceships, squillions of different nasties, huge explosions and ace sound. Right, now let's talk about T-Bird (ho ho).

(Sorry.) Okay, so T-Bird isn't exactly a Speccy game of Spielbergian proportions, but the weird thing is it isn't actually all that crap. No, it's quite good - pretty simple, and pretty addictive. It's a fly-into-the-screen jobby (a bit like Afterburner but with a puny spaceship instead), shooting loads of waves of unfeasibly large aliens and dodging large pillars and things while you're at it. Oh, and you can pick up icons for extra add-on weapons as well (better firepower, shields etc). The graphics are minimal, although they are reasonably varied and fast, but the best bit is the playability - there's loads. It's sooo simple you'll be craving for just one more go. Totally brilliant. Buy buy buy!

Rich Pelley

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