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Home Computing Weekly

Swift Spreadsheet
By Commodore
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #92

This is one of a growing number of spreadsheet programs for the 64. This one is notable for three reasons. It has lots of facilities. it's cheap and uses pop-up menus.

There are 21 function commands including Sort, If, Max. Min, Count, Present value. Although Log was missing there were many not found in other spreadsheets. You could create a set up procedure for your printer which could be saved with your spreadsheets.

A novel feature is the use of pop-up menus. Pressing F5 displays a box of options on the screen. selecting one of these options causes another box of lower level options to appear slightly overlapping the first. These menus pop up over your existing work and do not disturb it. When you exit from them, they disappear.

Two features that I liked were the ability to replicate a block of the worksheet and to alter column widths individually. You would need to spend much more to find a better spreadsheet. The only feature lacking is the transfer of data from one sheet to another or into you programs.