Survivor (Anirog) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Anirog
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #106

This program has a bug in it.

According to the information on the cassette inlay, there are more than 1000 rooms for you to visit.

Survivor is a chase game in which you play the part of Angus. A variety of evil-looking ghouls chase you through a maze of rooms set on seven levels.

These nasties sap your energy whenever you bump into them. Retaliation is effected by shooting them or throwing a porcupine bomb at them.

The supply of bullets can be replenished by finding the arsenals depicted as small arms in the maze. You get energy by going over the necessary bottles containing varying amounts of elixir.

The challenge is to collect up all the bombs which are scattered throughout the maze. Each higher level contains more bombs.

Locating the occasional signpost gives some indication of the general direction to be taken.

The chunky graphics leave a lot to be desired and the impression is that a lot of this program is written in BASIC. This is just not fast enough to handle moving graphics adequately, making the game no real challenge to ardent joystick jostlers.

The aforementioned bug rears its ugly head to tell you that it has met an "unexpected return in 1000:' Overcoming this means reloading the program, thus all you high score features are lost.

The game can be played using either the keyboard or the joystick.

However, the bug makes it a waste of money at any price.