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Home Computing Weekly

By Byteware
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #34

One of the most common business utilities is the database, based around the creation of electronic filing clerk or records.

Each record is subdivided into fields, which carry such data as names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc.

The beauty of using a computer-based system is the speed with which you can sort or search records. The fly in the ointment tends to be the fact that most databases are disc-orientated.

This program sets up the database in RAM, making a system which can be used on any C64.

You are allowed to have up to eight fields for records with a maximum field size of 50 for character fields and 10 for numeric fields.

The maximum number of records possible depends on the size of the fields. An average sized record seems to allow about 100 records overall.

There are commands available for the sorting of the database, the searching of specific fields, the mathematical processing of records and the saving of the database on tape.


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