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Supercode 3
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #102

If he achieves nothing else the author of this should get the award for the most modest software writer in the country. According to the instructions, this is the finest toolkit available for any computer in the world with four times as many routines as any of its competitors.

What we have is a collection of 152 machine code routines which can be incorporated in your own BASIC programs. The range of the routines is impressive. covering graphics, utilities, microdrive commands, sound and many other bits and pieces.

The presentation is faultless. First there is a 31 page instruction booklet which explains in detail what you get. Second, there are demonstration programs which describe the routines, give the size of the routines and give saving instructions. Many demonstrations are included showing what the routines will do. Full details are given on how to use the routines and most are relocatable giving maximum flexibility.

I won't attempt to describe each routine since space won't allow it. The graphic commands include every conceivable scroll you could want, fill commands, border effects and many others.

Probably the strongest areas are the microdrive routines, the utilities for program protection program handling and de-bugging.

Whilst I can't agree with the self-acclaim given with this package, I must admit that it's pretty good albeit a touch pricey. The package will appeal to the average user who wants to use some snappy effects in his programs but doesn't want to learn assembler.


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