Super Zaxxon
By Sega
Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #50

Super Zaxxon

Is this the ultimate challenge? Well, almost. Super Zaxxon is the long awaited sequel to the all time classic arcade game Zaxxon.

It still features the 3D diagonally scrolling graphics of the original - complete with the floating space fortresses, heavily defended by rockets, laser barriers and cannons.

The tunnel sequence is fun - but doesn't really add much to the game. This is the only fun sequence of the game - but doesn't really add much to the game. The only really tricky thing about these sections are the mine-laying saucers - the mines can be avoided by flying close to the left side of the tunnels.

If you haven't got a copy of the original Zaxxon and you enjoy fast action shoot-'em-ups then this is the game for you. If you've got the original, well, I'd borrow a friend's copy or play it in your computer before shelling out £10.

Overall, the original classic conversion from the arcades is still better.