Computer Gamer

Super Zaxxon
By U. S. Gold
Commodore 64

Published in Computer Gamer #8

Super Zaxxon

Zaxxon was the first real 3D perspective game, you flew your ship across a landscape of walls fuel dumps, missile silos, and laser guns. All in all, an attempt to destroy the Zaxxon robot.

Super Zaxxon is in a similar vein, but with a slightly different landscape to fly over and different 'other' screens. Instead of the fighters, you are greeted with a tunnel screen that is a lot easier though similar and instead of the saucers screen you are greeted with another landscape fortress sequence... I thought 'Super' would mean that the game was souped up a bit? Oh well, I wonder if it will get any better.

After this more difficult sequence you get onto the 'showdown' sequence which, despite what the instructions may say, is a cute cuddly little dragon! Yes, he breathes fire, but the little kiddies will love him. He looks as terrifying as a Play School presenter! ... (Well, maybe not *that* terrifying!)

After shooting him, you go round again with our old friends the laser guns and the missiles turning up.

As a game in its own right, this isn't bad, but as a sequel to a game as radically new as Zaxxon was a few years ago, this is a bit disappointing.