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Super Trux
By Encore
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Sinclair User #102

Super Trux

Imagine driving 30 tons of truck around 9 different cities fun eh? Not in this game it isn't. Your truck doesn't even look 30 tonnes and its smaller than all the other trucks and they only look about seven stone. This is another of Elite's re-releases from 1988 and why anybody would have bought this when it was at full price baffles me.

It has got that please just one more go appeal to it. And it has a good degree of difficulty to it so you get just that little bit further each time you play it. But while all the basics are included; opponents to race, crashes, time limits, even different backdrops, Super Trux is simply a bit rough around the edges.

The other trucks in the race seem to be completely blind to the fact that you are on the same road as them. If you crash into them your speed (0-125 kph!) goes down rapidity, this also happens of you bump into any of the roadside signs like Dunlop bridges or BMW signs. But the way it scrolls up and down hills is quite a nice touch and there is a useful box in the top right hand corner telling you what hazard is coming up.

Super Trux

Unfortunately the controls are very unresponsive, especially on joystick - so its better to play with keys which are redefinable but even they are a bit dodgy. You do get the impression of speed quite well but the scrolling goes to pieces on the corners and the junction screen-flip is less than elegant.

Monochrome is the order of the day; the background (and everything else) are either yellow, green, pink(?) or blue. At least it varies each stage and by turning left or right at junctions you can visit different cities (Necessitating a new-load on 48K machines). Unfortunately sound is practically non-existent which is a shame. Even the engine noise doesn't really liven things up.

Super Trux is fine, but utterly uninspiring. The novelty value of driving big trucks instead of cars/bikes doesn't last long (they're just bigger objects). There are plenty of driving games offering more fun. Personally, I'd rather spend the extra £6 on Chase H.Q or Turbo Outrun.

Label: Encore Price: £2.99 Reviewer: Gary Redrup

Overall Summary

Certainly not the best race game on the market, but far from the worst.

Gary Redrup

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