Sinclair User

Super Deflex
By Llamasoft
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #9



SID the Space Invader grew tired of racing around the screen being zapped by lasers. He decided to leave and join a new game from Llamasoft called Super Deflex. That is the way a new game for the 48K Spectrum starts. It may sound silly - but the whole game is silly.

The idea is to bounce Sid around the screen using launch pads so that he hits the number target without being destroyed by laser streaks.


All that may seem simple but this game is not like a simple game of Breakout. The launch pads which are set using the m and n keys on the keyboard will hamper you in the object of hitting the target. They will send Sid in different directions if he hits them.

Any invader who is hit by a laser streak will be buried on the spot and a headstone raised to commemorate the deceased. That causes further problems for other invaders who have to bounce around the screen. If they hit a headstone they will be fried to death and a new invader will appear on the screen.

There are nine levels of difficulty. The first level is easy and the ninth is impossibly difficult. It is difficult to develop much skill in the game but to play it efficiently some kind of skill must be gained.

Super Deflex for the 48K Spectrum can be obtained from Llamasoft Software, Lindon House, The Green, Tadley, Basingstoke, Hampshire for £4.95.

John Gilbert

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