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Super Cycle
By U. S. Gold
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #65

Super Cycle

Vrooom! If TT Racer was too complicated for you, or if Speed King was too wimpish for you, just check out the Speccy conversion of Super Cycle. It's brill!

It's the home micro version of the arcade smash Hang On! Wheel to wheel bike racing against the clock on a variety of demanding tracks.

The screen shows your bike and the smoothly scrolling track. Beneath the main play window are your instruments - speedometer, rev-counter, points scored, elapsed time and which gear you are in.

Each track has a time limit. Beat it and you get a bonus score based on the number of seconds left. As you progress through the tracks obstacles like puddles, ice pools, roadworks and bumps begin to appear. The further you go, the more obstacles you have to negotiate.

Riding the bike is fairly easy - but watch those gear changes, it's crucial to get them right. Get up to 8,000 revs before you hit the fire button to change gear.

There are three skill levels - the first is a bit of a doddle frankly, treat it as a training mode, especially if you've played the C64 version.

Talking of that C64 version, you'll find the Speccy a bit slower - but this doesn't make the game any less playable.

Background graphics change so you get the impression you're racing across the desert or over water on an elevated track. Race through storms or frozen wastes.

Unlike the Commodore version, the Spectrum games loads up in one go - but you don't get the option to change the colour of your rider or his bike.

Super Cycle is an excellent conversion. If you like race games, you won't find better than this on the Spectrum.