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Super Cycle
By Epyx
Commodore 64

Published in Computer Gamer #18

Super Cycle

Super Cycle is a superb racing game for all those who prefer their high speed racing action on two wheels.

Before you begin burning up the corners and the tyres you get a chance to ensure that you're wearing the right gear. A choice of eight colours for your bike and leathers as well as five different leather designs will ensure that you'll stand out from the crowd.

Onto the first race and it's a straight (almost!) race across country against the clock. Control of the bike is simple with up and down controlling the throttle left and right steering the bike. Pressing the button changes gear which is essential if you are to reach those top speeds of over 160mph.

You'll soon notice that there are other bikes in the race, all hell bent on getting in your way. However, a quick nudge should see them off. But if they get you or you spin off the track then your customised bike will be reduced to a pile of rubble and you'll be flat on your back. Luckily, a new bike quickly appears but will you be able to catch up those valuable seconds?

Complete a course within the time limit and you'll be onto the next track with a hefty bonus.

During the game you have to race in all weathers, including a thunderstorm and navigate around a variety of obstacles including other bikes, oil slicks, pools of water, holes and even barriers.

The game can be played at three levels, with the first being a Sunday drive to get to know the courses. However, the higher two levels are a little tougher. Apart from having only a fraction of the time to get around, you are up against other bikes that are not only faster but also definitely unsporting. For example, they relish in mowing you down just after your setting off after a crash. Too many of them and you're out of the game.

Coin-op fans who are looking for a computer version of Hang-On should look no further although they will have to supply their own plastic bikes.

As the marketing men say, "If it was any more realistic, you'd need insurance". It's just as well as you'd soon lose your no claims bonus.