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Super Cycle
By Epyx
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #20

Super Cycle

The recent glut of motorcycle and other racing games should have quenched the desires of any speed freaks. This latest one is competently put together. Don't expect an exact copy of the arcade game - you won't get one. What you will get is some exciting racing.

The concept is fairly simple: race down a course and complete it within the time limit. The courses vary in nature. One is totally straight; others are exceptionally twisty. The time limit depends on which of the three skill levels you choose, but it's usually tough.

Super Cycle

The bike you drive has three gears: you'll spend nearly all the time in top. Two computer bikes line up against you at the start and these will keep popping up as you drive along, either in front or behind. One of these tries to balk you, increasingly as you progress through the twelve courses. The other usually follows a straight path. You can bump the other bikes with a nice metallic clang. But catch them wrong and you'll end up with a bruised bum in the middle of the road.

The bike crash looks good and also occurs if you encounter an object on the side of the road. There are obstacles on the road too. These include crash-barriers, cones, puddles and ice. all of which can cause you time-wasting setbacks.

The roadway, bikes and crashes all look great, and what sound-effects there are complement the action well. The variety of tracks and increasing skill levels are pleasing and provide a challenge. It's an enjoyable game that should satisfy anyone with a hankering for hair-raising highways.

Second Opinion

Super Cycle

I must admit to being a sucker for these racing-type games. Ever since 3D Grand Prix has been out I have not left it alone: the speed and realism is enough to get my blood surging. Super Cycle is in a league of its own. Better than any that has gone before, certainly more addictive, and always leaving me wanting more.

Green Screen View

You don't need to follow the white lines: all is clear.

First Day Target Score



Super Cycle

Graphics 71% P. Smooth roadway and obstacles. P. Well depicted bikes and crashes.

Sonics 55% P. Nice bike-clashing effect.

Grab Factor 73% P. Easy bike to control. N. You may already have had your fill of race games.

Staying Power 70% P. Excellent variety of tracks. N. Increasing skill levels also provide challenge.

Overall 71% P. One of the better racing games. N. Annoying having to restart every time.

Bob Wade

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