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Super Brat
By Atlantis
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #44

Super Brat

The Brat struts around the court, psyching himself up. The crowd cheers and the score board announces first service.

Tap! The ball thuds gently into the opposite court and you return it down the side lines, the players moving with all the grace and agility of tortoises.

Deuce. Two advantage points and you win the match. The crowd goes wild in a restrained fashion and your illustrious opponent hurtles his racket to the ground.

There are three championships to win - British, European and World - I wonder what the Brat does when he loses the world championship title to a total unknown? Unfortunately, I didn't have the energy to get that far.

Atlantis cannot be serious. This game is the pits of the world. Super Brat is a poor travesty of that wonderful summer sport.

The players only serve forehands, bad ones at that. They cannot move from the baseline and the game is one great struggle to get to the ball. To make matters worse, the Brat hardly gives you time to cross the court before he begins serving.

There is no need for joystick control as only three keys are used. Two to move left and right and one for hitting the ball. A short delay before hitting the ball will take it to the right hand side of the court, no delay lakes it to the left. The player is slow to respond to your controls.

The court is probably the best thing in this tedious game. The screen is set out in a 3D representation of a tennis court. The score board, although small, scrolls well and the scoring is quite realistic.

If you want to play tennis, go for Psion's Match Point.

Clare Edgeley