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Summer Olympiad
By Tynesoft

Published in A&B Computing 6.02

Watch this one closely - informed sources suggest that it is Tynesoft's swansong in the Beeb market. I'm crossing my fingers but tend to agree.

So what have they delivered this time? Superficially it's yet another sports simulation to join the seeming hundreds of others coded by The Art Crew. What makes this one different?

Well, apart for the fact that it managed (for the Beeb market, at least) to miss the tie-in event in Seoul, it is probably the best of the Tynesoft bunch. Why? Well, great graphics between events for a start - a lot of time obviously spent here. The events are much as you would expect - competent but not wonderfully thrilling. One problem, of course, is that after a time a programmer must run out of ideas - this time round, expect fencing, triple jump, skeet shooting, hurdles and diving. All are fun, none are stunning.

What is amusing, however, is the opening ceremony - a lot of effort has been put into this and it is very well done, if rather long. Expect to see much of this in any video previews of the game.

So, should you buy it? My answer would be yes, but only if you love sports simulations. There's little enough, I'm afraid, to keep the average games player involved for long.

Dave ReederDave Fifield

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