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Amstrad Action

Sultan's Maze
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #1

Sultan's Maze

This is a simple maze game in which you have to track down six rubies and remove them from the maze without running out of energy or being caught by the ghost. The maze is displayed in perspective, and you can move around it using the numeric keypad.

The rubies have to be picked up and taken to the exit while avoiding the guardian. He can fairly easily be tricked or if necessary you can jump through a hedge to get past him. Your energy is reduced by moving, carrying jewels and jumping through hedges but is replenished with each visit to the exit. Collecting all the jewels reveals six letters for a codeword.

Good News

P. Different mazes and occasionally tricky action.

Bad News

N. Very slow graphics when drawing the maze.
N. Gameplay tends to be slow and uninteresting.
N. The same task gets repetitive.