Home Computing Weekly

Subterranean Stryker
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #133

This game is rather reminiscent of the defender type of game but it also borrows from other popular arcade games.

You are piloting a spacecraft and must collect the various trapped prisoners who appear to be working in the mines. This involves you flying around the caverns, destroying or avoiding any malevolent aliens that get in your way.

The game's landscapes remind me of the epic Sorcery, particularly the countryside ones. You have narrow gaps to get through. Moving barriers to pass correctly to get into a previously untouchable section of caverns and many varied aliens to deal with.

Subterranean Stryker

The game is rather derivative and doesn't employ any stunning new features. The graphics are not up to the standard of Sorcery and the sound is average. Yet this game holds a thrill, somet hing undefinable that makes you want to have another attempt.

This is a decent program from Amsoft. 1 would, however, like to have seen it at a lower price. I think much of their software for the Amstrad should have prices reduced to a level more compatible with Spectrum software prices.

Grumbles over, I think it's an enjoyable arcade game.


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