Home Computing Weekly

Sub Strike

Author: J.D.
Publisher: Tomorrow's Dream
Machine: BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in Home Computing Weekly #110

Here is a program for aquatic lovers or anyone inspired by the Submarine series on TV.

As a lonely submariner in the depths of some murky waters your task is to shoot down waves of attacking bombdropping, rocket-firing helicopters whilst dodging and destroying sonar subs. To add to the misery, you must also dodge the falling debris of "shot-up" copters.

The scene takes place in a Davy Jones graveyard of wrecks and deep water, above which float cumulonimbus cloud, which hides waves of attacking aircraft flying in from the left or right. As each wave is destroyed the seabed rises, thus limiting manoeuvrability and a new and different coloured formation dives in whilst underwater hazards multiply.

As usual, you begin the game with a number of lives and points are scored for completed screens, copters and rockets shot down and sonar subs destroyed. Extra lives can be gained for every four screens of helicopters destroyed, and there is a high-score table and facilities for joysticks which, despite the game being easy to control, made the game much more enjoyable to play.

The fire button is a bit irritating because it will only fire when the sub is stationary and the rate of fire is poor. The best strategy is to dart in from the front of the helicopters, let fly. and dodge out again before being hit by bombs and rockets.

The instructions are adequate and the tape comes in a substantial and attractive package.


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