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Sub Strike
By Tomorrow's Dream
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in The Micro User 3.06

Space War Takes A Dive

Sub Strike from Tomorrow's Dream Software represents a departure from their usual line of utilities, into the games field. It involves controlling a submarine that can move in all directions, armed with the usual missile-launcher. Above you patrol your targets - a fleet of helicopters bent on your destruction, four waves for each level.

They drop never-ending barrages of bombs, homing rockets, and if you can destroy them, even their own wreckage becomes a sea-bound missile.

Later stages involve the addition of homing rockets which fortunately can be shot, and helicopters moving in all directions which makes them near-impossible to hit.

Other sonar submarines and a continuously rising sea floor restrict your movement through the water.

This all goes to make your existence that much more unlikely as you attempt to score points by destroying anything that moves.

The game starts off fairly quietly, with not too much happening, but if you linger too long on each sheet, waves of mines start to cross the screen - a dangerous reminder to hurry up.

By stage 1 of level 2, all the features havecomeinto play and it is very difficult to stay alive. Sub Strike has all the standard features - a high-score table, re-definition of all movement keys, joystick and sound on/off options.

The program amounts to a fairly ordinary Space Invader-type game. The sound is nothing special and the movement of the small, often-flickering graphics characters, is not very smooth.

Is it worth buying? Well, try it out first if you can - you may find you like it. I'm afraid I tired of the game very quickly.

Peter Clifton

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