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Home Computing Weekly

Sub Commander
By Thorn EMI
Atari 400/800

Published in Home Computing Weekly #15

Submarine Commander goes to prove that a life on the ocean wave is definitely hazardous. In this game, blasting shipping convoys is your aim.

A clever opening page allows the skill level (1-9) to be chosen, then you go straight into the main screen. This shows a map of an area of ocean, with your sub and the fleets marked on it.

Also displayed are numerous dials and controls - confusing at first but you do get used to them.

First you run at high speed on the surface to a fleet, then submerge to periscope depth. A second screen shows a very realistic sonar, with the individual ships showing up as blips.

Now line up on a ship, and up periscope. Outlined against the sky, one of four types of ship. The torpedoes hiss from the tubes and strike, throwing huge water spouts in the air.

But watch out, the ships have guns and depth charges; crash diving too deep could rip open your hull.

Marc Freebury

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